Hi you, I’m Dilani.
Somewhere, early on in my journey, I became an observer and analyzer of human emotions and behaviour. People are fascinating, and there is an art to the subtle ways in which people chew on their lips or gaze into the distance with their chest out. I live to capture moments of vulnerability, because that is where you’ll also find incredible strength. I can’t help but feel compelled to document these inner stories. I do this work as a portrait and conceptual visual artist. My camera is my best friend. A lot of the people I photograph tell me our photoshoot was like a meditation.
I am deeply in love with magic, music and madness. I understand that true joy is felt when we travel to the depths of darkness. We must feel, deal and heal in order to move onwards and upwards. This is why you’ll see pain, laughter, fantasy worlds, real people and strong souls in my work.
On this vast information highway, this is the space I hold that will attract like-minded, creative, positive energy. So, I’m grateful for your presence – thank you. Enjoy your time, and take some artwork home with you.